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Tregaskis Brown Category 1 Finalists

Category 1 finalist at the 2018 Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry

Photo on home page Left to right: Karen Tregaskis, Founding Partner; Hon Ron Mark, Minister of Defence; Karen Clarke, Chief Executive Tregaskis Brown; Huntley Wright, Assistant Secretary Capability Delivery Ministry of Defence.
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Karen Tregaskis honoured

Karen honoured at the 2018 Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry

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Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) explained

Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) has proved to be an extremely helpful business tool, and in this video Karen Tregaskis discusses what she likes most about it. 

For additional information on ILM Click here

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Influencing Skills for Project Managers

In this 2-minute video, Tracy Brown talks about how good influencing skills are really important for a Project Manager to be successful in their role. She discusses William Oncken’s "3 types of Influence".

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The Benefits of Effective Governance

In this 2-minute topical video Karen talks about the benefits of having effective Governance and why this shouldn’t be under rated.

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