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We are on the AOG consulting services panel

Tregaskis Brown is a provider to the All of Government Consultancy Services Panel 

Finance & Economics

Appraisal of Investment Proposals

Tregaskis Brown has provided appraisal of investment proposals for a number of years.  We most commonly provide appraisal to inform government investment decision-making in the following areas:

  • Business Case Development
  • Programme investment, including major organisational change or setting up entirely new organisations or services
  • Policy and/or service delivery change.

Economic Analysis and Modelling

Although economic analysis and modelling is not our core business, we frequently provide these services as part of wider assignments. Consequently we have actively built our capability to do this work over the past few years.  In particular, the economic analysis and modelling services we provide include:

  • Development of the economic case and/or financial case as an input into business case development
  • Economic and financial modelling as a critical input into the following types of reviews
    • Service design and performance
    • Policy outcomes and/or proposals
    • Organisational change or performance.

Project Financial Management

Our project financial management services are part of our core offering.  We have provided these services since the inception of our business 13 years ago and we have become highly credible and reliable experts over that time. Our services include:

  • Planning and management of all financial aspects of projects and programmes including time, cost and resource budgeting, forecasting and modelling
  • Quantitative cost estimation, including Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) for Programmes and Projects – the models and tools we use include some that are proprietary to Tregaskis Brown.

 We are particularly skilled at adapting our project financial management services to best fit the type and nature of each project or programme.


Quality Assurance & Advice

Tregaskis Brown has been providing Quality Assurance and Advice for a number of years to a large client base, including a significant number of Participating Agencies.  In particular, we are frequently asked to provide an independent expert opinion in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Portfolios
  • Programmes and Projects
  • Business Cases
  • Financial effectiveness
  • Functional performance

Business Change

Because Business Change has been at the heart of what we do for the last 14 years, our experience in this area is extensive.  Often our involvement can span many months, and even years, as organisations continue to evolve in order to meet the ever-changing environment and /or demands put on them.  Engagements have ranged from small advisory assignments to large transformational change programmes

Our services include;

  • Business Change Strategy and Planning - advice, development and review
  • Business Change & Implementation
  • Business Analysis and Bench-marking
  • Business process improvement and process design
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Portfolio Management - the alignment of change initiatives to strategic outcomes
  • Programme and Project Management

Human Resources

Tregaskis Brown has significant capability and expertise in providing HR consultancy services.

We have been providing core project management training to mid-level teams for 14 years as well as designing and delivering other training specific to change programmes we have been supporting.  This can include workshops to help managers lead teams through change, workshops focused on the proposed new ways of working or workshops to build people's confidence during a change process.

We have also delivered governance intensives with Senior Leadership Teams, Boards, Trusts and other governing bodies at an executive level for the last 10 years.  Our intensives are expert-led, facilitated discussions which have been developed over many years of working with executive and Senior Management

Our services include;

  • Organisational Change and Design
  • Leadership Development and Coaching in the areas of governance, facilitation and project management
  • HR Programme and Project Management

Operations Management and Risk

Our team of consultants are adept at business process design and management.  This is a core service that we provide in conjunction with many business change assignments and to support the implementation of new or revised operating models.  We also have extensive portfolio, programme and project expertise - many of our engagements involve major organisational portfolios of change, programmes of change and significant projects.  We have particular expertise in the identification, treatment and management of risk in this area.

Our services include;

  • Operating Model Development and Design
  • Business Process Design and Management
  • Operations Management Programme and Project Management
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Risk Identification, Treatment and Management
  • Risk Disaster Development
  • Risk Strategy - advice, development and review
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