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Challenge and reset strategy

We know what’s driving change right now. Expect us to get up to speed with the strategic challenges you’re facing very quickly. 

You’ll find we have a refreshing ability to challenge accepted thinking as we work with you to develop a clear strategy that is tightly focussed on achieving specific outcomes.

Work we’ve done

We work regularly with complex organisations to reset strategy to address specific challenges. This includes:

  • Leading the development of 4-year plans for government clients
  • Facilitating strategic and business planning processes including programmes of major change
  • Leading and advising on building relationships with key stakeholders to achieve long term goals
  • Building productive relationships between central and local government.

Review and Op-Model Design

We work with organisations at a senior level to help them maintain strong management and governance practices. This includes:

  • Reviewing and streamlining organisational structures, roles and numbers
  • Reviewing how an organisation functions and identifying risks to service delivery and/or growth
  • Leading the design and implementation of better governance practices
  • Designing and bedding in more efficient organisational processes and practices
  • Facilitating governance workshops for managers.

You’ll find our advice expert but pragmatic and our approach strongly collaborative. We’ll work alongside you to maintain a business model that is resilient and adaptive to change.

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